Okay, to all you people who drink almond milk, I don't give you enough credit, this shit's pretty good.

Fact: Ever since Martin Luther King deleted racism, furries have become the most oppressed minority. Furries, rise up.

Do LGBT people in Britain come out of the wardrobe?

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I scream() into the void.

The void doesn't scream back, because it intrinsically returns nothing.
And I thought we could be friends.

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I’m glad the vape store is having an MLK day sale. It’s what he would’ve wanted

Years of technological progress has brought us to this moment. Free and open source software has finally peaked.

Ladies, gentlemen, and those who lie between, Super Tux Kart finally has online multiplayer.


Howdy, I set up a clone of Cytube at sync.r3valkyrie.com/

If you're interested in watching Youtube videos and stuff in sync with others, you're welcome to use it.

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who needs coffee when you can just argue about linux distros tho

Blog's all started up, using jekyll and github pages. I'm gonna try actually posting to it now.


You know, I never really understood why people say vodka tastes like window cleaner, having only tried Tito's and Absolut. I tried Smirnoff yesterday, and I now fully understand what everyone is talking about.

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frankly, grandma, if you're going to buy a pacemaker with non-free software on it, perhaps you deserve the heart palpitations


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